Wildflower Trip 2005

July 22-26 2005

Crested Butte, and the San Juans

Parry Primrose and Marsh Marigolds abound in the stream issuing from Porphyry Basin, near Silverton, CO.
Sunrise on East Beckwith Mountain, as seen from Lost Lake Slough, off the Kebler Pass Road.
Looking north from the road into Porphyry Basin, towards Red Mountain #3.
From one of the many tarns up in Porphyry Basin, looking directly east into the heart of the San Juan Mountains.
A wonderful cascade of falls on Clear Creek, pouring from Clear Lake. This road is accessed from South Mineral Creek Road, just outside Silverton.
Sunrise from Paradise Divide, north of Crested Butte, Colorado.
On the road into Porphyry Basin, almost to the end. The falls seen here are the same as the ones in the first image.
Sunrise detail on Lost Lake Slough, near Kebler Pass.
Another image from the falls coming out of Porphyry Basin. I had perfect overcast conditions, and shot around here for almost two hours!
Up in Porphyry Basin on my first clear morning of the trip. Just below the first band of cliffs in the middle is Bullion King Lake.
An old stove sits in the midst of the best field of wildflowers I saw the entire trip. This is where the road to Black Bear Pass and an off shoot to the Porphyry Basin road meet. I counted at least 12 different types of wildflowers here.
Mount Baldy as seen from Paradise Divide, north of Crested Butte.