Monument Valley-- May 2002

Mini Trip Report

Sunrise at Courthouse Towers, and then off down the road to Monument Valley.
Shopping for a new tent In Moab. Only $5000!! No problem. Now to find 10 people to carry it everywhere. GearHeads is a great store by the way!
At this point, Glen's truck (way in background) was, we thought, stuck for good. Visions of helicopters lifting it out were going through our heads. We let it rest a bit, and did finally get on our way. The spot this was taken from is atop a 25 foot high dune covering the normal road. We dug out both trucks at least 15 times total. Quite an experience for sure!
After about 5 hours of dune driving (should be about 2 hours when the sand isn't drifted like this year) we got to the top of Hunt's Mesa just in time for sunset. Here is Glen setting up for a shot.
This is me on Sunday AM not too long after sunrise, with Monument Valley in the background. Way off in the distance, above my 35mm camera, are the famous rock formations the Mittens.
Here are Leo, Tano (our Navajo guide), Steve and Glen taking in the view from our campsite, and getting a little breakfast before we head back down into Monument Valley. The strange looking thing in the foreground near the rock is from underneath Leo's truck. Came off on the trip up through the dunes. They were able to get in back on later in their road trip.
This is my view from the backseat of Glen's truck. What you see out the windshield is the road!! We're on about a 45 degree angle! Notice Glen's smile in the mirror. He was having WAY too much fun driving this stuff! Once we got on the flat, sand covered stuff, we had to gun it to keep from getting stuck. It was like riding on ice. Scary, but kinda fun at the same time!
Here is Glen setting up a shot at Teardrop Arch. I'd been wanting to get to this famous spot for years, and finally made it. The arch itself is actually a lot smaller than I've always thought, about 20 feet tall. Here is a more classic shot of this arch: Teardrop Arch
This was sunrise Monday morning back down in the Valley, looking out onto the Mittens. Steve and Leo had left the night before on the rest of their 9 day road trip further west. Glen and I shot sunrise here, and headed back to Denver after an incredible trip!!
This is the view we had out the back of Glen's truck Monday AM. Not too shabby, huh?
One last image. This is the road leading south into Monument Valley, very close to the Utah/Arizona border.

The end to another spectacular trip!!

One last shot, taken by my buddy Glen looking across Hunt's Mesa.
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