Colorado Nature Photographers

Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve

January 30th & 31st, 2004

Rick got there first, and once I got there at about 7PM, we started up a wonderful fire. We sure needed it, as it was about 13 degrees at that time. Bret and Darren arrived at about 10PM, and we all got sleep about midnight.
Saturday AM about 7:40. We had a little color at sunrise, but not too much I'm afraid. We still had a good time talking and trying to keep warm.
Here is a QuickTime VR of the dunes on Saturday AM

Using your mouse, click and drag to view the panorama, and use the CTRL and SHIFT keys to zoom in and out on the image.

The free QuickTime plug-in is required to view this image, and can be downloaded here.

This file is 576K, so please be patient while it loads up.

After checking out the visitors center for a bit, and realizing the light wasn't going to get better anytime soon, we decided to head into Alamosa for a warm breakfast at the Campus Cafe. Great food, and cheap too. Here's Rick and Bret enjoying the grub.
We headed back to the visitors center and decided to make the trek out onto the dunes. The lower part of the dunes were already covered in snow, which actually made the walking a bit easier. Not five minutes into the hike, fresh snow started falling.
Rick, Bret and Darren taking a break on the dunes.
Rick and Bret doing what we came for, making the best of some pretty ugly lighting conditions.
Darren headed up a little higher, as the snow got a little heavier, and the wind picked up. Soon after this, we headed back to our cars, and Rick, Bret and myself headed home. Darren braved it out for one more night.
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