Here are a few images from my week shooting fall colors. Great to run into so many CNP folks!
Darren and Rich at Silverjack Res. Word to the wise, never compare meters at the beginning of a week long photo trip! :)
Darren showing off his cold weather outfit! Warmest blooded guy I know!
Rich getting ready to shoot the awesome red trees on the hill near Silverjack.
Russ and his rock solid 4x5 (a couple days after it took a dive) shooting just after sunrise over the Castles, off Ohio Pass.
Darren and Russ on a great side road, just off the main Ohio Pass road.
JC and his pups! Thanks again for the hospitality, and especially the film we were able to get off of you. Came in very handy!
Todd showing off his impromtu CNP logo. We met up in Montrose, and he introduced me to some great Mexican food. Thanks Todd!
Here's the famous "County Rd 5 bear". Ask Darren about it sometime!! When you least expect it Darren! :)
We ran into Bill and Nana Langton a couple times, like here just outside of Telluride.
Monica and Phillip Noll (aka Shimuno) near the end of Cnty Rd 7. I bet they are still cleaning mud from the pups out of their truck! :)
Phillip shooting near the end of Cnty Rd 5.
Beers at sunset. OK, maybe more beer than sunset that night! This is in the largest clearing along Cnty Rd 5. Good time had by all. L to R: me (Brent D), Phillip (Shimuno), Monica (Mrs. Shimuno), Darren, Claire (archkid), and Kirk Owens who we ran into a number of times this trip. Thanks for the beer Kirk!
Scott Bacon braving the wild river on Cnty Rd 5. OK, maybe not so wild, but a cool shot.
Here's a little 2.3 MB video from Cnty Rd 5. This is what happens after 8 days on the road I guess! :) Nice hat head! That's Darren laughing at me in the background, by the way. Enjoy!